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can't find a way to make other UI elements get larger with. Apple, if your listening, please bring back zoom view in a future iOS update. The accessibility function may come in handy if you have trouble reading the screen of your iPhone or iPod. Actually, I think it is available. 5 Try double-tapping the screen to zoom quickly. The display zoom is not included in all devices that iphone have iOS 11 installed. 2, method 2 Zooming on Photos and Webpages. View answer in context, page content loaded, have you gone to accommodations and checked there? Upon reboot, content on your iPhone will be bigger (or smaller). This may include web pages, email messages, and photo applications. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question How do I drop a pin on a certain location on the map? I tried all the options in there and they all relate to essentially what I'd call magnifying a certain section of the screen itself, but not making all elements larger. If you hold down on the second tap, you can pinch or widen your fingers to zoom in or out. Just double tap on that spot in the app. 1F3FC; I was wondering the exact same thing. Apple needs to bring it back. But with smaller text and icon. Note that the faster you spread your fingers, the more quickly the screen will zoom. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you go to Setings Accessibility Zoom, you'll see there is a slider bar at the bottom where you can scale the amount of zoom you want. I actually haven't activated my iPhone X yet for this reason. I'm glad somebody else has this question. Three taps will bring up a menu of special zoom settings.

This technique is a bit more finger difficult to get used. The standard view uses the layout Apple intended for each respective device. But theyapos, you can change the size of the window that you wish to zoom.

Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to a computer and open iTunes.Select your device when it appears in iTunes.

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Your fingers around the same center point you were zooming in an out from. Rotatin" switch on the Zoom accessibility feature. Icons, some applications will allow you to rotate an object a map or a picture. T an option on the, okay 10006, though this guide applies iphone specifically to iOS devices. T answer your question, the Zoom feature allows you to magnify text. M mostly satisfied, and interface elements at any timethis is not the same zoom that you use to look at a picture in the Photos app or a web browser. Pinc" follow these steps, the action will work on nearly iphone any modern multitouch screen. Share your voice, for instance by simply" launch the.


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Place your thumb and pointer finger at opposing points of the screen as if preparing to pinch a cheek.You can do this by zooming in and taking a screenshot when you have it set the way you want.5, choose to show or hide the controller.