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awful trend that Apple instituted with the 6s and 6s line, which actually rolled out with a smaller battery than its predecessors. The iPhone 7 Plus also has 3 gigabytes of RAM while the iPhone 7 has 2 gigabytes. If the rumor turns out to be true, then Apple will probably not get that much criticism for removing the headphone jack. Though Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook vowed to "double down" on secrecy back in 2012, the truth is Apple's supply chain is so massive, and the number of products the company must produce is so mind bogglingly large, that leaks are seemingly impossible to ere. Bokeh-ful Camera iPhones have long been regarded to have the best smartphone camera on the market. The rumor: Another recent rumor surfaced in video form. It wouldnt be a huge surprise if Apple ditched the mute button, though. Instead of a huge design refresh, Apple will only be slightly tweaking the design of the iPhone 6/6s for the iPhone. Leaks suggest the handsets coming with an IPX7 certification that would make them water-resistant in up to 1m of fresh water for 30mins. Smart Connector and no mute button for the Plus? Not quite the same, though, and wrong. There have been rumors and leaks suggesting that Apple is working on an iPhone 7 Pro with Smart Connector. Adapters, the lack of.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 and its Plus sibling is also going to be a cause of pain point for many. This is likely due to the extra camera related features that Apple is going to include on the iPhone 7 Plus that require more RAM and horsepower. Apple could use this iPhone cycle to tackle some low-hanging fruit, like finally getting rid of the measly 16GB model. Apple also introduced two new shades of black color options. When they got it right: Macotakara was first to report this. On the flip side, the biggest improvement to the design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the addition of water-resistance. But one thing can be said for certain: The iPhone 7 Plus does not include a Smart Connector. This year, though, the chances of the company offering the iPhone 7 Plus with a 256GB storage option are pretty high since the Cupertino company now already offers the iPad Pro with a similar storage option. 32GB Base Storage, rumors about Apple adding a 256GB storage option for the iPhone have been doing the round since the last year. Nailed it: Apple itself What they got right: Sometimes Apple is inadvertently the source of their own leaks. Apple usually schedules its events on Tuesdays, but given that Labor Day this year falls on Monday, Sept. Earlier this week, Apple sent out invites for the unveiling of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7th (i.e. Though the iPhone 7 is launching in Apple's usual September timeframe, the company did debut a completely new entry-level handset, the iPhone SE, in March. Screenshot of Apple's Sept.

Which could signal that a largercapacity iPhone is upon. Were betting no on this one. The single camera on the iPhone 7 and the dual lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus both protrude. Earlier rumors suggested that Apple iphone 7 rumors would introduce a highertier Pro version that would feature a Smart Connector and an even better camera 16, the lesson here is, and that rumor proved bogus, apple announced a 2TB iCloud storage tier on Wednesday. Apple is allegedly developing wireless EarPods with a custom lowpower Bluetooth chip so that they have longerlasting battery life. Apple always aims to improve the camera quality with each iPhone upgrade so this makes perfect sense. A new release of iPhone is accompanied with a new release of iOS. YouTube site earlier in August, some other other correct reports The first to report that the iPhone 7 would double entrylevel storage to 32 gigabytes was The Wall Street Journal in July. Even the most reliable of sources on Apple rumors get the details wrong from time to time. Claiming to depict leaked prototypes of both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

VideoBased on previous release schedules and product name patterns, Apple should be unveiling its newest flagship smartphones.Here s what to expect from the iPhone 7, based on Cult of Mac s analysis of everything we ve seen from reliable leakers and the Apple rumor mill.Every year for almost a decade, the most anticipated gadget release has been.

Unlike the physical home button that Apple currently uses on the iPhones. Gurman was the first to report on the earbuds. The fact that weve heard about all these minor changes before. Thats a little earlier than iPhones typically debut in iphone Septemberlast year. With the iPhone 7 Plus featuring two such cut outs for its dual 12MP sensors 7 event, it could be possible that Apple will get rid of the 16GB version. The iPhone 6s went on sale on Sept. If the standard twoweek window between announcement and retail launch holds this year. That seems unlikely to me since wireless earphones cost quite a lot and can increase the bills of materials significantly for Apple.


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Even AppleInsider whiffed it in November of 2015 when a reliable source suggested executives at the company were considering an earlier-than-usual iPhone launch this year.The truth is, there are too many cogs in the wheel, and Apple cannot possibly stop all of them from squeaking).