Iphone 7 silver: Iphone 5c battery problems

holding down the shield that covers the display cables. In the following lines you will get the method to resolve iPhone 5S overheating and battery drain problem in the best possible manner. Use your spudger tool to carefully pry up the battery cable. Let us know in the comments what worked and what didn't work for you! Remove the two security screws on both sides of the dock connector.

More so, so if youre having issues with the power button on your iPhone. Your new replacement battery should have adhesive preinstalled on the back of the battery. As Apple will not replace the battery of a damaged iPhone. Remove the display assembly, holding the iPhone in place with one skärm hand. Reposition the metal shield that sits over the three cables and replace the four screws that hold it in place. People on the iPhone 5 have had many issues with battery life. Replace the battery shield and the two screws you removed earlier. Furthermore, you should see an Apple logo.

Before you proceed, discharge your iPhone battery below.A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.

Of course, the iphone black friday svenska Cupertinobased company will replace your iPhone 5 battery free of charge. Have you been noticing issues with the battery life of your iPhone 5 or any other device running iOS 6 in general. Or iPod touch you should always remember to power it off. Carefully remove the shield and set it aside.

Now use your spudger tool in order to remove the three cables shown in the image below.A very few people have reported that they are encountering iPhone 5S overheating and battery drain problem in their phone, and the best thing about this is that most of the people have easily resolved their problems with the help of some of the work.Settings app and navigate to, general About.


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IPhone 5S is known to be the newest generation of iPhone that made more sales as compared to any of its predecessors.Line up the top of the screen carefully and make note of the teeth that line up to the top of your iPhone 5c's frame.