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between a few minutes to an hour to backup. To select what apps/data get backed up: Go to, settings iCloud and scroll down, tap. In Image Capture, if the "Delete Items After Downloading" option no longer appears, try this: turn off "Photos" in iCloud on your Mac and iPhone, then restart both devices, and you should see the delete button. Call your carrier and ask them to remove your iPhone from your account. Were going to cover everything from backing up your iPhones data to resetting your device to factory settings. Sign out of iCloud, go to Settings Apple ID (the at iphone 5 battery check the top with your photo) and select Sign Out. If cannot reboot iphone 5 because broken power button youre passing down your old iPhone or selling your iPhone, youve got to make sure your data is safe. If you use iCloud to sync your contacts, you can easily export all your contacts.vcf. Resetting your iPhone to factory settings is important for two reasons: your own privacy and readying the iPhone for the person you sell or give. Its restored and ready to go! Open Settings Messages iMessage toggle it off. (If your phone is running iOS 7 or earlier, select Delete Account.) Select Sign Out again, then select Delete from My iPhone.

Back up your iPhone, backup to iTunes, back. You know iCloud backups are fine and dandy but theres cap. If you plan to spend more money at Apple. Next up, make sure Encrypt iPhone backup is disabled. That is why I always recommend an iTunes backup. Read this first, before you sell or tradein your iPhone. Go to the Apple Watch app on your phone.

Before you sell, give away, or trade in your device, you should remove your personal information.You shouldn t manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, or any other iCloud information while you re signed in to iCloud with your Apple.

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If thatapos, from the drop down menu, use iTunes to lg v10 vs iphone 7 plus erase data. Export Contacts to and from iCloud. How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling 4 and erase all data, audio, you may also be asked for your Restrictions passcode.


What To Do Before Selling Your Old iPhone/iPad: 10 Things

And you can then sell your iPhone / pass it down.Select the information icon next the watch you want to unpair.Now that youve done the top four things you need to do before selling your iPhone, its time to pass it on to the next person.