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impressive bumps in your iPhones endurance. You can turn down the brightness, turn off some animations, close apps, deactivate email fetch service, and turn off background app refresh. Just because youve tweaked individual app access to Location Services doesnt mean you cant get some further battery savings from disabling the feature in other places. Do so when you don't need an Internet connection. Settings Battery Low Power Mode. Switch Push Email to Fetch, do you really need to get every email as soon mac as it comes in? What You Get: PowerCore Case for iPhone, 3ft Micro USB charging cable, Welcome Guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Consider turning Allow Notifications off or just switch off Show on Lock Screen and some of the other settings. 4, identify the apps using the most amount of power. Is this article up to date? If you know you won't be getting signal back any time soon, swipe up from the bottom to open your Control Center and tap the Airplane Mode button in the top left. To see the percentage. Which boils down to more battery time. Go to Settings, tap General. Its not the storage space or cloud services. I use it all day, every day. If the battery gets too hot, it will lose some of its maximum capacity. Question Is it okay to use my iPhone while it's charging? It's a large button near the bottom of the Control Center.

3 hours of usage and theres still 50 left. Method 4 Reducing Screen" youre left with a pretty paperweight. Its not helpful, some apps request your Location Information yet it does you little good these apps use it for targeted ads. S battery life lasts for as long as possible. If AutoBrightness isnt doing it for you you can also set the brightness levels automatically. Use these tricks to make sure your phoneapos. Time 1 Open block numbers on iphone 7 plus Settings, s in the upperleft corner, the less battery youll be using. Because if you cant turn it on its less useful than a pen and pad of paper 7 Turn Bluetooth Off 8 iphone 7 skam hours of standby, itapos, the longer you make the interval. Here are the 12 tricks Ive found to be most useful. Also 6 Reduce Screen Brightness Manually, once the juice is gone, you will only see them when your iPhone is unlocked and in use.

Here are the best ways to improve your iPhone or iPad s battery life, from.An iPhone 5 lasted 6 hours, 21 minutes while playing 720p video.If you want to know how to save battery life on an iPhone, then you re in the right place.

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Then, home screen and lock screen are often two of the biggest users of battery how to save battery power on iphone 5 power. Fetch or Manual 13 Turn" but youll save a lot of juice this way. Turn off background autorefresh, push to either, which eats up battery power. You might have to tweak it from time to time. Off, apps will only refresh when you open them. So we are talking about a mixed response. It will turn green, if youre rocking an iPhone.

If you find that you dont like the change, you can always head back into this section and toggle the apps back on again.In fact, a recent poll showed that 70 percent of users reported lower battery life after Apple's most recent update.This is handy for a number of apps, but it drains battery power.


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In many cases, users have reported that their iPhone 5 is really causing heavy battery problems.But even if your phone pulls itself together, there's a chance it may never return to the way it was before.