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Samsung's new superphone is an array of health features, collectively labelled S-Health.0. The iPhone runs iOS7, while Samsung's Galaxy S5 is powered by Android.4 Kit Kat with the TouchWiz UI overlay. In the meantime, check out the hands. Another new addition to the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner positioned on the home button. Apple's flagship weighs 112g and measures 123.8 mm.6 mm.6 mm, though of course you do have to take into consideration that the iPhone boasts a much smaller display. This UI remains pretty much the same as last year, though there has been some slight tweakage of the notification tray and lock-screen, it definitely doesn't seem to be the massive redesign we were all hoping for. Samsung Galaxy S5 review, straight from the show floor. We'll have a full review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 up when we've had enough time to fully test out the new device. Both the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5 offer very different specs when it comes to display, with Samsung choosing to kit its os x lion pc simulator newest offering out with a Full-HD, Super amoled screen measuring.1-inches. While this won't cause any day to day issues, it does raise some questions about future support once 64-bit processors are common place amongst Android devices. Apple's iPhone 5s also has some tricks tucked away in its camera bag, including a True Tone flash for realistic skin tones in darker environments, a Sapphire crystal lens cover, /2.2 aperture and a backside illuminated sensor. We'll have to put the S5 through it paces more thoroughly, though we can imagine you'll still need to plug it in every night. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s: Features and Operating System. It'll be interesting to see the details on the ground in terms of who and where this will be accepted, but at least eBay shopping is likely to be slightly more secure. The Samsung S5 comes fitted with a 2800mAH battery, which should be good for a day's data and talk pretty normal for a phone these days. Samsung has also kitted the S5 with a neat piece of software called Download Booster, which should ensure you're always using the fastest connection available. V the latest Galaxy device have what it takes to topple Cupertino's baby? Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s: Battery. We already know that the camera on the iPhone 5s takes some fantastic snaps, but we'll have to give the Samsung Galaxy S5 a thorough test out before we know just how well its camera can perform. It can also shoot slow-motion video, if you fancy getting a bit creative. Article continues after the video. Both these high-end, high-specced and high-priced devices come boasting some really interesting features, but as it's new, let's kick off with the Samsung Galaxy. After months of rumours and gossip, Samsung has just unveiled its follow up to the wildly successful Galaxy S4, the Galaxy. Read on and find out. In fact the best comparison would be look at the Samsung's other flagship, the.

These two phone behemoths both have lots going for them. Samsung has again crammed a lot of tech galaxy s5 and iphone 5s into powering its latest flagship. This lets you touch your thumb against it and instantly be notified of your heart rate. S Xperia Z2 and a quadcore Krait. Everything from the galaxy s5 and iphone 5s curved and chamfered edges. While the iPhone is still stuck using the slightly older 802. Moving round to the back thereapos. Check out our roundup of the best Android apps to download in 2014. Including 2GB of RAM surprisingly less than the 3GB in both the Galaxy Note 3 and Sonyapos. Connectivity 11abgn bands, along with a super fast autofocus that takes just.

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Packing a load of new camera tech. Both these phones lack of real innovation in terms of design does seem to be a little bit of a backward step. The new Galaxy S5 is still 32bit. Which features an Apple A7 processor and 1GB RAM. After Apple revealed its iPhone 5s was supporting a similarly placed scanner. It is hard to compare the and two devices in terms of software as they are both so radically different.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s: Camera.Both these phones really go full force in touting respective camera tech, whether it's the amount of megapixels, nifty software tweaks or the low-light performance.Another particularly cool feature is Selective Focus, which allows you to achieve snaps with a shallow depth of feel effect, similar to those captured on pricey dslrs.